Products from Recharge merchants to use around your house this year.

Subscriptions give customers the ability to create uninterrupted daily routines and rituals. As the new year starts and everyone reevaluates what products they’re using and buying, we thought we’d share a list of Recharge merchants around the house—meant to kickstart your healthy habits and daily routines to carry with you all of 2024.

In this guide, you’ll find all the best cleaning products, candles, breakfast foods, and other home necessities to help you make every day great. Whether you want to be more sustainable with your toothpaste choices in the new year or start reading more books, we have all your solutions from Recharge merchants listed below. 

In the kitchen


Most days start in the kitchen with breakfast. For oatmeal lovers, there’s Oats Overnight. Or for those who like smoothies but hate the hassle, Bumpin Blends has easy-to-use frozen cubes that make a perfect smoothie in minutes. If you’re more of a yogurt and granola type, there’s Seven Sundays granola (who recently released cereals, too).

Coffee & tea

For many, the day doesn’t truly start until a cup of coffee or tea has been consumed. With a subscription, you won’t have to worry about running out of your beloved caffeine source. Our team loves Nguyen Coffee Supply, Onyx Coffee Lab, and Verve Coffee subscriptions for just this reason. 

The tea lovers out there have plenty of options to choose from, too. If you’re always on the go, Tea Drops are the best choice thanks to their bagless tea. For those who choose to brew at home, there’s The Tea Spot.

Nguyen Coffee Supply makes it easy to subscribe
Nguyen Coffee Supply makes it so simple to stay stocked up on your favorite coffee throughout the year.


For those times you find yourself in the kitchen later in the day, hungry, there’s a plethora of Recharge merchants with great snack options, ensuring you’re always stocked. Japan-lovers can enjoy a box of authentic Japanese snacks from Bokksu and support small, family-owned businesses in Japan at the same time.

If you need to grab something fast, Chomps meat sticks are a great choice, made with the best real ingredients. Or, for something more sweet and less savoury, there’s Theo Chocolate.

In the living room

Plants & flowers

Make your living space a little more lively with plants or flowers. If you prefer having a fresh bouquet, BloomsyBox is the perfect subscription to invest in this year. They’ll send you a fresh bouquet of beautiful, seasonal flowers. 

Or, for those who are more into low-maintenance plant options, Succulents Box offers house plants and succulents that come in pretty pots and boxes. They’re perfect for setting on your coffee table or filling any other bare spot in the house with a little something green.

Succulents Box offers a variety of succulent options for the house
Choose from beautiful succulent arrangements from Succulents Box to spruce up your living room.


There’s nothing better than getting cozy with a book, especially during these winter months. With a book subscription like Bookish, you won’t even have to worry about your next read arriving on time. Hit all your book goals this year with a subscription.


If you like to unwind at the end of the day by lighting a nice candle and relaxing, there are a few Recharge merchants who can help you with that. For those who like to keep sustainability in mind, Keap Candles offers a monthly candle subscription with seasonal scents, using glass containers that can be repurposed once the candle has finished burning. Or, for additional candle and scent choices, there’s Ardent Goods

In the bathroom


What’s something you always need but probably hate having to buy? For me, it’s cleaning products—which is why a subscription like Blueland saves the day. Get eco-friendly, refillable home essentials and do your part to reduce single-use plastics, while staying on top of your cleaning. Simplehuman is another merchant that offers cleaning and household essentials that go beyond the bathroom and serve almost every area of your house.

Blueland has eco-friendly home essentials
Blueland makes it easy to go green with your home essential choices this year.


For anyone on the journey to zero waste in 2024, there’s Bite. Their toothpaste bits have transformed the way you can brush your teeth, eliminating plastic consumption and harsh chemicals. Check out their oral care and body care products to see how you can incorporate more eco-friendly items into your routines.

We can’t talk about hygiene in the bathroom without mentioning toilet paper. Can you imagine a world where you don’t even have to think about buying toilet paper when you go to the store? With a subscription from Reel or Who Gives A Crap, you won’t have to.

Beauty & skincare

Anyone looking to step up their beauty and skincare rituals in 2024 can look to a number of great Recharge merchants in that space. Blume has skincare bundles that cover every type of skincare need, in cute purple and blue bottles (they even offer travel sizes). For other skincare needs, there’s Dermalogica, Milk Makeup, and Supergoop sunscreen—you can never forget SPF before walking out the door.

For deodorant choices there’s Wild or Native, with easy subscription options that mean you don’t even have to think about restocking. 

In the nursery 


We couldn’t forget about the littlest ones in your life. For that never-ending flow of diapers that’s needed, there’s Hello Bello. You’ll never have to worry about running low on essentials, plus their diapers come in the cutest patterns—making changing time a little easier.

Hello Bello offers Dr. Suess-inspired diapers
Stay stocked with the most fun diaper patterns from Hello Bello.


When it comes to feeding time there’s Bobbie, an award-winning organic formula that’s sure to make navigating the first year of parenthood easier. Bobbie goes beyond the subscription and offers helpful resources to parents in their online space called Bobbie U.

Start 2024 on the right foot & keep it up all year long with subscriptions

As we evaluate our daily routines and rituals this January and start incorporating new ones, it’s the perfect time to invest in new products that will help you elevate your lifestyle and your goals for this year. Thanks to these Recharge merchants and the ease of subscriptions, you won’t even have to think about reordering these essential products you use each day—so you can keep your new routines long into 2024 and beyond.