Why I chose to start a career at Recharge

While looking for a new opportunity, I made a conscious decision to restructure how I think about work and career.

My previous career in banking gave me agnostic exposure to different types of deals and though I was happy with the skill set acquired, I was not passionate about the industries or products I was exposed to.

However, I realized in order to have a sustainable career, there were plants in the garden I was not tending to. I had severely undervalued passion and impact as contributors to a healthy and happy career. 

I am a huge consumer of DTC products. I love trying products as they come out, from marquee brands to the newer names. Recharge is uniquely positioned to work closely with merchants and empower them to scale. So not only do I get to work closely with the products I love using, but I also get to be a part of the story of how they grow. 

The above is what initially drew me to Recharge and encouraged me to join the Recharge team. However, I do want to highlight Recharge’s culture – something that I did not initially bake into the decision – but has reinforced that it was the right choice! 

The Culture

I remember when seeing the Recharge job posting, before any of the qualifications or descriptions, the first bullet was dedicated entirely to Recharge’s culture.

At the time, I was unsure of it’s meaning or seriousness. Was this a formatting error? A schtick? But I came to realize through all my interactions with colleagues during my interviews and onboarding, that it was absolutely not a ruse, rather a north star on how to treat each other, how to think through problems, that permeated all levels of the organization. 

Having come from previous jobs that did not invest as much into their culture, I was fortunate enough to have started one week before the Virtual Growth Team Retreat.

I received two swag boxes within a span of two weeks and it was invigorating to see how genuinely excited everyone was to be connecting, chatting, catching up during the retreat. You can tell Recharge puts a lot of effort into making sure the culture stays strong as they continue to grow.

It also immediately caught my attention that Recharge uses a tool called Bonusly to be able to reward teammates with points you can turn into gift cards or cash. You get to award someone for demonstrating one of our three core values: empathy, ownership, and having a ‘day one’ mentality. I was also impressed that Recharge has a Culture Council that is dedicating to reinforcing these core values. 

Why I chose to start a career at Recharge

All in all, Recharge’s culture was not something that I had originally “chose” Recharge for, but I am fortunate enough to have stumbled into it. I am now a little over two months in at Recharge and have come across so many awesome merchants and their stories.

Not to mention the team I joined has been amazing to work with. Everyone is genuinely happy to help each other out and we make sure to take time to celebrate our wins. I feel very motivated to keep growing into my position at Recharge and I look forward to helping build a powerful subscription solution for our merchants and partners.