Recharge’s latest guide offers meaningful strategies to surprise and delight your ecommerce customers at scale through technical and creative solutions.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new guide: Surprise, delight, and the modern tech stack.

Research shows that shoppers who are emotionally connected to a brand have 306% higher LTV than customers who are just satisfied with the brand. One powerful way to create that emotional connection? Leveraging surprise and delight marketing.

“Surprise and delight marketing is both an art and a science.” 

—Surprise, delight, and the modern tech stack

While surprise and delight marketing requires creativity, it also relies heavily on technical solutions to be effective at scale. Read the full piece to gain inspiration and technical best practices to surprise and delight at scale—we’ve highlighted a few key takeaways below.

The elements of surprise & delight

In the guide, we break down the three main components of successful surprise and delight marketing: good timing, no-strings-attached value, and a personal touch.

When brands can strike the right balance of all three elements for their unique customer base, the effect can be powerful. Together, these components can humanize brands, strengthen their relationships with customers, and build true loyalty that leads to higher LTV.

Best practices to surprise & delight at scale

While successful surprise and delight marketing might seem unexpected to the customer, it involves careful planning and automation by the merchant. Our guide contains five best practices your ecommerce store can implement to surprise and delight customers at scale.  

First on the list? Identifying the “universal milestones” for your customer base. This is crucial for capturing the good timing that is key for a successful surprise and delight campaign. Consider which moment might be most effective to surprise and delight your customers, be this a birthday, anniversary, or certain customer action (like signing up for a subscription).

Once you identify those milestones, you can put them into action, using data to inform your approach and beginning the process of automating, iterating, and testing to find the most meaningful experiences for your customer base. 

Read the full guide for the complete list of best practices you can apply to your own business. 

Inspiration to surprise & delight your customers

Looking for specific examples of ways you can surprise and delight your customers? Our guide contains three archetypes of businesses who surprise and delight their shoppers in different ways:

  • The thoughtful gift-giver
  • The considerate communicator
  • The attuned rewarder

Check out the full piece to see how each archetype takes a different approach to their timing, benefits, and communication to inspire your own efforts.

Surprise & delight your customers to increase LTV with Recharge

Building the right tech stack is crucial for surprising and delighting your customers effectively and at scale. That’s why Recharge is proud to offer all the tools merchants need to deliver surprising and delightful experiences through built-in products and features:

  • Loyalty: Create strong brand connections and deliver personalized benefits that increase retention, LTV, and brand affinity.
  • Flows: Easily deploy A/B tests to set up targeted journeys based on endless conditions and optimize every touchpoint in your shopper journey.
  • Recharge Analytics: Gain valuable takeaways on your shoppers and products to create enticing offers at the most opportune times.
  • Klaviyo integration: Create custom messages that reward customer actions.

Read the full piece to learn more about surprising and delighting your customers with Recharge.