Recharge hits 100M subscribers and $100M in ARR

Today we’re celebrating two incredible milestones: Recharge has topped 100 million subscribers served by our platform and surpassed $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

I’m so grateful to the thousands of people who’ve played a part in getting us here. In 2014, I started Recharge with two friends in a Santa Monica apartment with the goal of helping ecommerce merchants scale and grow their businesses through subscriptions. Since then, we’ve powered subscriptions for more than 20,000 brands, processed over $20 billion in transactions, grown to a team of more than 400, launched new products, and so much more. With all that growth and change, I’m proud to say that our original mission remains intact: we still are and always will be a merchant-first company.

While we are excited about the milestones achieved, it feels like we’re still just getting started. I’m as driven and energized as I was 9 years ago in that Santa Monica apartment, and can’t wait to continue to build new retention and growth solutions for our brands and their customers. So, to all of you who have been on this journey so far: thank you again, and let’s keep this momentum going.