To maximize the value of your subscribers, it’s critical to have a deep understanding of their unique customer journey with you. At what milestones are they typically churning? At what touchpoints are you regularly connecting with them? When do they typically want more of a certain product? 

Any pain points or trends you can identify in the shopping timeline become invaluable insights for your ecommerce business. Once you understand these moments, you can begin to tackle them, smoothing over any bumps in the road to customer loyalty and higher lifetime value.

To operate at scale and serve large, diverse groups of customers, brands must invest in technical tools that help them automate and personalize to their full potential.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce Flows, Recharge’s new tool specifically designed to enhance the customer journey. We are continually releasing Flows to additional cohorts of stores, and are thrilled with the opportunities it provides merchants and their subscribers.

With powerful no-code implementation, advanced data and analytics, and the ability to provide unique, tailored experiences to customers, Flows is designed to increase LTV by allowing merchants to quickly test and iterate on the tactics that maximize revenue. 

In this post, learn all about how to optimize your business and enhance your subscriber journey with Flows.

Why Flows?

Flows was built to help merchants get the most possible value out of subscriptions through personalization—in the most efficient ways possible. By quickly iterating, testing, and optimizing with Flows, merchants can improve the overall customer experience, build stronger customer relationships, drive retention, and increase LTV.

What you can do with Flows

1. Choose triggers

Choose from many different pre-built triggers to kickstart a Flow—all based around merchant feedback on the priority touchpoints for their customers. These triggers are the starting point to your optimization effort and pull customers into the Flow.

For example, if you find that your customers are typically churning after the fourth order, you may consider setting the trigger for your Flow to be after your customers complete their third order with you to offer a free gift.

2. Set conditions

Next, set endless conditions for your Flow based on your customer, order, or product data. For example, you could apply your Flow to:

  • Subscribers of a certain product
  • A list of superfans
  • Those in a certain country

3. Incentivize your customers

Finally, drive customers to take action by incentivizing them in various ways. In exchange for their action, you can offer them gifts, store credit, or discounts, send an email, and so much more. 

The impact of Flows

Whether you’re creating a custom Flow or leveraging one of our templates for key use cases, Flows can help you get the most possible value out of your subscription business in a multitude of ways.

Increase customer retention

By providing value to your customers in unexpected ways, you can lay the groundwork to true customer loyalty and increased retention. Our Surprise and Delight Flow allows you to A/B test personalized, proactive incentives that help you retain and grow your subscribers.

Increase LTV

Upselling is a proven tactic for increasing customer satisfaction and LTV. With Flows, you can automate your upselling efforts to more easily personalize offers to various customer cohorts.

Strategize for active churn recovery

With our Active Churn Recovery template, you can target different incentives and strategies to specific customer cohorts. From there, you can launch tailored win-back campaigns and incentives to retain customers.

Tackle passive churn (coming soon)

Coming soon, our Passive Churn Prevention template will allow merchants to navigate the unique challenges of passive churn through customized dunning and failed payment recovery sequences and notifications. 

Measure success & continually optimize

Data-driven decision making is key to sustainable business growth. Use Flows’ advanced data and analytics to gain valuable insights that help you optimize your customer journey and increase LTV.

Create personalized shopper journeys that maximize LTV

Flows is continually being released to additional cohorts of merchants. To learn more about implementing Flows, visit our support documentation.

By leveraging Flows, merchants can deliver better shopping experiences for their subscribers at every stage of the customer journey. What’s more, they can do so at scale, delivering high levels of customization for multiple customer groups in a large customer base.