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We’re seeing a strong close to Q2 and have exciting new updates to share from our Changelog, a place where Recharge merchants can learn about new product features, releases, and enhancements in real-time. 

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Bundles is now in open beta

Earlier this month, we announced that Bundles has launched open beta! 

With Bundles you can easily offer build-your-own-boxes.
Bundles makes it easier for Recharge merchants to offer build-your-own boxes and other custom bundle options.

Available to Recharge merchants on the Pro and Enterprise plan, Bundles allows Shopify merchants to use one SKU to bundle multiple products to offer either a customizable “build-your-box” experience or a fixed bundle with pre-selected items. With Bundles your customers can:

  • Build their own box, customizing their product selections at a fixed-price
  • Subscribe to a curated experience of pre-set contents
  • Manage and update bundled subscriptions in the Recharge customer portal 

Merchants in the Bundles beta can also enable collapsible collections for bundles with multiple collections to help users navigate the options efficiently—and keep them engaged and focused while finishing their purchase.

The best part? For bundles where all collections have a set size, this works automatically, guiding the user through the selection process.

Try Bundles today. You just have to navigate to your merchant portal > Products > Bundles.

Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

On July 1, 2022, the state of Colorado implemented a new Retail Delivery Fee on all shipments delivered to a Colorado address. To help our merchants stay compliant with this requirement, Recharge now adds $0.27 USD on applicable charges if your business collects sales tax in Colorado.

NOTE: for merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, Shopify will directly apply this fee to all relevant transactions.

Try our new customers details page

Based on feedback from our merchants, we’ve now consolidated all the essentials onto one page so you can reschedule an order, swap a product, or skip an order with just one click—making it faster and easier than ever to manage your customers. 

Give it a try! Visit your merchant portal > Customers > select a customer > Click the banner.

This new dashboard shows customer information, all in one place.
The new customers detail page gives merchants access to critical customer information, all in one place.

Open beta! Merging addresses is now supported on the Recharge API v2021-11

Subscriptions under separate addresses can now be merged onto a single target address in one API call. Using the new Merge Addresses endpoint on our API, merchants can now combine subscriptions under one address in a single API call (4x easier) to help them fix issues such as:

  • Update an active subscription with an old address associated with a non-functional payment method 
  • Avoid multiple shipping charges for multiple subscriptions that are being sent on the same date under different addresses
  • And more!

With this method, merchants and partners can:

  • Choose a target address to merge other addresses onto
  • Keep or delete the source addresses
  • Optionally set a custom next charge date for the merged subscriptions

This feature is now available for all of our merchants to use in open beta.

The Bulk Plans resource is now available on our API in v2021-11

Merchants can now use our new Bulk Plans endpoint to create, update, or delete multiple plans for a specific product in one API call. They can also leverage our new async batch types, which will allow them to make updates to plans on multiple products at once.

This feature expands our current Plans endpoint in v2021-11, and merchants can now use the new Bulk Plans resource to:

  • Bulk create new plans for a product
  • Bulk update existing plans on a product
  • Bulk delete plans from a product

Note: A single product can have a maximum of 20 plans.

Merchants can leverage our async batches to make these amendments for up to 10,000 products at a time (and up to 200,000 plans)!

Customer portal improvements for stores using multiple payment methods

Support for multiple payment methods per subscriber is now generally available for all merchants. We have also launched a number of improvements to the customer portal experience focused on making it easier than ever for customers to make payment and shipping address updates. 

What’s new?

  • Prompts to help customers select whether an address change applies to one or all subscriptions and/or add an address if the preferred address is not visible
  • Allow customers to bulk move subscriptions from one payment method to another
  • Improved handling for missing payment method or shipping address on file and improved error handling overall
  • Shipping and payment information is updated separately
  • New translations are available for any of the new out-of-the-box text, to empower merchants to create a cohesive brand voice throughout the customer portal
  • And more!

We recommend reviewing our support documentation to stay up to date.

Integration updates

The LoyaltyLion integration enhancement is now available for all merchants on the Shopify Checkout page. LoyaltyLion is a rewards and loyalty platform that specializes in customer retention and LTV via their post-reward-application data and analytics. 

What has changed?

  • Merchants can now choose whether discount codes should be eligible for checkout or should be applied to existing subscriptions via the portal, which means that customers get to pick what type of discount code they would like to redeem their points for (checkout or subscription). This ensures that discount code usage is accounted for in their respective platform when used by the customer, which avoids any potential abuse of discount code usage.
  • Discount codes can now apply to multiple charges.
  • Codes are created in both systems if the merchant is on SCI or SCI (m).

Stay tuned  

Be on the lookout for more updates in the Changelog feed. We’re excited to keep sharing all of the great things we have in store!


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