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In early May, Recharge hosted ChargeX, the global ecommerce subscription conference that connects merchants, agencies, and tech partners to delve into industry insights, predictions, and best practices.

We were delighted to record several Hit Subscribe mini episodes over the three day event that we’ve compiled together in this collection for you to easily listen to. We chatted with merchants running successful subscription businesses as well as tech and agency partners offering their best recommendations for brands to grow and scale.

Hit Subscribe’s ChargeX 2022 mini episodes

Proactive retention strategies with Chris George from SUBTA

In this conversation with Chris George, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of SUBTA (Subscription Trade Association), we chat about proactive retention strategies by using your data to interact with customers before they consider churning out of your subscription program.

“I think with retention it’s sometimes it’s more than just like, how do we keep the customer? Or how do we win them back? But being able to dive deep in the data and learn about, what are some proactive retention things we can do?”

Chris George, SUBTA

The difference between partners & vendors with John Roman from BattlBox

We chat with John Roman, CEO of BattlBox, about understanding the difference between a partner and a vendor and the importance of regular and proactive communication.

“I think a good test is when something does go wrong, because something will go wrong with every relationship. How fast is it resolved? And not only that, but like how quickly are people on it. And I think that’s where a partnership excels.” 

John Roman, BattlBox

Turning a cost center into a marketing channel with Noah Rahimzadeh from Malomo

In this mini episode, we’re chatting with Noah Rahimzadeh, Director of Channel Partnership at Malomo, about how giving brands back the control over the landing page to track their package, they can increase brand awarenesss, drive lifetime value, cross-sells, up-sells, and subscriptions.

“Consumers check their packages almost five times on average per order. So if you’re not taking advantage of those touchpoints, and making sure that’s a branded and personalized experience, you’re really sort of missing out on one of the most engaged aspects of the customer journey.”

Noah Rahimzadeh, Malomo

Cross-selling & upselling with Aaron Roper from Rebuy

We chatted with Aaron Roper, Director of Agency Partnerships at Rebuy, about the importance of personalizing your cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive value to your customers and boost AOV and LTV for merchants.

“Focus on optimizing for the business conditions that you’re currently facing, but don’t lose focus on your brand.”

Aaron Roper, Rebuy

Evolving the loyalty program with Brandon Amoroso from electrIQ

In our conversation with Brandon Amoroso, Founder and CEO of electrIQ, we chat about evolving the points based loyalty program to be more intentional and reducing the friction for the customer for their rewards.

“Think about how you would want your experience to be of your brand, if you were a customer. I think people over complicate things, all of us, we’re all consumers, so just think about the best brand experiences you’ve had and how you’d like to emulate that for your company.”

Brandon Amoroso, electrIQ

Preventing subscription fatigue with Chelsea Jones from Chelsea & Rachel Co.

We chatted with Chelsea Jones, Co-CEO + Chief Visionary at Chelsea & Rachel Co., about strategies to help balance the routine and convenience of a subscription while still finding opportunities to bring creativity and fun to the customer experience to avoid consumer fatigue.

“The subscription businesses that are consistent in talking to their customers often and re-engaging with them, they are the ones that are winning and they’re winning by significant numbers to back it.”

Chelsea Jones, Chelsea & Rachel Co.

Personalizing the customer journey with Marcus Ohanesian from Trellis

In our conversation with Marcus Ohanesian, Account Strategist at Trellis, we chatted about the importance personalizing the customer journey and not overlooking chances to interact with customers at transactional touch points (like post purchase emails).

“If you really want to have a scalable business and make it last for years and have your brand be recognized and memorable.”

Marcus Ohanesian, Trellis

Ecommerce industry predictions with Galen King from Lucid

On this episode we chatted with Galen King, Founder & Strategic Director at Lucid, about ecommerce industry predictions for the rest of the year like realigning growth trajectories and a stronger focus on acquisition and retention.

“There’s huge potential for growth if you can figure out how to create a giftable aspect to your products, because then your customers become ambassadors and they give it to other people, who then give it to other people.”

Galen King, Lucid

Retention-focused customer experience with Brian Becker from FlowCandy

We chatted with Brian Becker, Co-Founder of FlowCandy, about retention focused customer experience by focusing on selling the benefits of your products (not features) and using your subscriber data to provide personalized recommendations.

“No one strategy is the be all end all. If you’re not constantly reevaluating how you’re doing it on a cadence that is known and expectable, then you’re not going to be able to adapt as the times change.”

Brian Becker, FlowCandy

That’s all for our Hit Subscribe mini episode conversations at ChargeX 2022! If you’d like to attend next year’s subscription industry conference it will be in Washington, D.C. from April 26–28, 2023!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates—we can’t wait to see you there!