What are product bundles?

Product bundles offer multiple products sold as one SKU, often at a discounted price. Merchants can decide if they’d like to allow customers to create bundles on their own, or they can curate bundles for them. 

With customizable bundles, customers can choose which products they’d like and how many, giving them freedom to choose exactly what they want as they create their own bundles. Curated bundling, on the other hand, gives merchants the chance to personalize the shopping experience and offer products together that are complementary to each other. With multiple product bundles, your customers will have options and be able to choose exactly what they want.  

How does a product bundle strategy increase average order value? 

A product bundling strategy can increase average order value by encouraging customers to purchase complementary products together, at a reduced price. In this way, merchants with an effective product bundling strategy actually have customers that purchase multiple items at once, leading to higher average order value.

Product bundles can also help your business save on marketing and distribution costs. As a store, you can save money on shipping when bundled products are sent together, and you can help your customers save money too by offering a special bundle price. Even by offering your product bundles at this discounted price, you can still boost sales by selling more products overall. Create product bundles that make sense for your customers and their needs—with strategic bundle pricing—and watch average order value grow.