What is DTC (direct-to-consumer) ecommerce?

DTC ecommerce (direct-to-consumer ecommerce; also referred to as D2C ecommerce) is a business model where merchants sell their products and services online, directly to their end customers, rather than involving third-parties like wholesalers, distributors, and large online marketplaces. By establishing a sales channel that involves selling directly to customers, direct-to-consumer brands can have greater control over the customer experience, paving the way for stronger customer relationships. 

Online sales & the customer journey of DTC brands

As opposed to brick-and-mortar stores, online stores allow consumers the convenience of purchasing products and services in a matter of minutes seconds, without having to travel to a physical store. Conducting business online also allows an ecommerce website the opportunity to increase brand awareness and build brand relationships through social media platforms. Customers may also find greater ease and convenience with managing their orders online via a customer portal or through strategies like transactional SMS.

Conducting DTC business allows brands to form direct business-to-consumer relationships with their end customers. A direct-to-consumer brand can shape the shopping experience for customers at every stage of the customer journey, and can also have more direct access to customer feedback and data. By strategically measuring this feedback and optimizing their business around key learnings, DTC brands can provide a highly customized experience that grows with their customers, leading to potential for increased engagement and higher customer lifetime value.