BVA is one of the largest Shopify Plus agencies in the Plus Partner network, helping companies like MVMT Watches, Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy John, and Native Deodorant grow their ecommerce storefronts. They are one of Recharge’s top agencies year after year and continue to drive innovation and push the envelope with innovative subscription business models.

Native customized their customer portal and increased LTV, reduced churn by 15%, and acquired 142% more subscribers

Native is a DTC brand that sells clean and cruelty-free personal care products. After disrupting the industry with its subscription-based model and chemical-free deodorants, the brand was acquired by Procter & Gamble and expanded its product line to body wash, soap, and toothpaste.

“BVA's analytics and development teams helped me transform many of my ideas into quality features on our site. They're organized, communicative, and collaborative, which is immensely efficient during large projects.”

Niva Bigler

Niva Bigler

Head of DTC, Native


Native came to BVA first and foremost to migrate their website to Shopify Plus. After conducting technical and strategic discovery, it was identified that there were several challenges to solve:

  • Create a Customer Portal to match their brand and meet their sales objectives
  • Empower subscribers to easily pause or delay their active subscription
  • Allow subscribers to add one-time products to their recurring order
  • Convince customers who wanted to cancel their subscription to stay
Each of these objectives existed with the goal of increasing subscription adoption, mitigating churn, and increasing average order value.

Native customized their customer portal and increased LTV, reduced churn by 15%, and acquired 142% more subscribers
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The first step was creating a fully custom and responsive dashboard that delivered a premium and innovative experience to online shoppers. Since launch, Native has continued to fine-tune their customer dashboard and optimize core business metrics for revenue growth.

Empowering customers to take control of their subscriptions is simple enough in theory, but it requires education for customers who aren’t used to managing more than a single purchase. A “Manage subscription” button was added to the Customer Portal that offered options to the customer to skip their upcoming order or swap for a different product entirely.

Customers who skip or swap are still considered active subscribers and likely continue their relationship with the brand which reduces churn and continues growing lifetime value. With these two options set for customers who were at risk of churning, Native turned their attention towards those who wanted more.

Native used Recharge’s One-Time Products feature that allowed customers to add singular products on top of their recurring order. This allowed customers to try new products without the commitment of a monthly subscription, growing average order value all the while.

Finally, they shifted their attention to tackle the number one cause of subscription cancellations: customers receiving too much product. There was a hypothesis that decreasing the default subscription frequency for customers would result in an outsized, positive effect on how long the customer is subscribed. Over a 9 month span of experimentation, the results supported that hypothesis: customer lifetime value increased because the delivery frequency was tailored to Native customers and their products.

Through a repeatable process involving strategy, data, and analytics BVA has helped identify new opportunities to improve Native’s customer experience and has provided actionable analytics to support the implementation of new features and track their success.

“The Recharge team has been paramount to helping us understand user trends for our biggest clients, including Native Co. They've been extremely collaborative in finding ways to be creative with their platform's functionality to improve our clients' business results.”

Sean Glass

Sean Glass

Director of Delivery, BVA