Merchant inspiration series: Bundles

In this series, we’ll be sharing a selection of merchants leveraging different Recharge tools and products to match their brand vision. From simple to complex use cases, merchants can draw inspiration from different builds to see what’s possible with Recharge.

Today’s post is going to cover Bundles, which allow customers to purchase multiple items together that then ship out as one unit. Merchants can choose to allow customers to select different products to create a “build-a-box” bundling experience, or to offer pre-selected products in a curated, fixed bundle. Both can be strategic moves for a business for acquisition, as well as increasing AOV and LTV. 

There are many different scenarios that can take advantage of bundling, such as:

  • Meal plans where customers can select what meals they want delivered each week
  • Starter kit bundles to introduce customers to new products, or to move older products out of inventory
  • Mix-and-match bundles for complementary beauty products, like face wash and moisturizer

Explore what’s possible with Bundles by comparing the following three Recharge merchant examples.

Turnkey Bundles

  • Merchant: Gardencup
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Vertical: Food & Beverage

Gardencup and Brickhouse Nutrition are both utilizing our native Bundles widget, with minimal CSS customization to improve the look and feel.

Customers will notice in the native widget that there is a progress bar that can be enabled that fills up as the number of items in the bundle increases to the maximum allotted quantity.

Brickhouse Nutrition’s widget when the maximum quantity has not yet been reached.
Gardencup’s widget when the maximum quantity has been reached.

Advanced styling for Bundles

  • Merchant: Wildgrain
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Vertical: Food & Beverage

While the overall experience is similar, Wildgrain has implemented some additional customization such as removing the progress bar that is distinct in the turnkey widget. Instead, Wildgrain has opted to add labels like “In Your Box” and “Your box is full.” 

Wildgrain’s widget when the maximum quantity has not yet been reached. 
Wildgrain’s widget when the maximum quantity is reached.

Unlocking success with Bundles

Bundles provide customers with added value and convenience. By grouping related products or complementary items together, you make it easier for consumers to find everything they need in one purchase, saving them time and effort. 

Bundling can also help you manage inventory more effectively by moving slower-moving items alongside popular ones. Ultimately, it fosters customer loyalty and can drive repeat business, as customers appreciate the cost savings and tailored options bundles often provide. Whether it’s turnkey or customized, offering bundles is a win-win strategy that benefits both your brand and your valued customers. 

You can learn more about enhancing your Bundle offering here.