A podcast can be a valuable content channel for DTC brands.

Podcasts have transformed the way we learn and absorb information—making them a valuable content channel for DTC brands to consider utilizing. Like a modern radio show, podcasts are widely available and enjoyed by listening to audio clips, and many people choose to listen while they do other activities. 

Like many other content types, such as email newsletters and community forums, podcasts can be used to inform your audience about relevant news or product announcements. But they can also help drive brand awareness and diversify which channels you’re using to reach your customers. 

In this blog, we’ll cover what makes an impactful podcast, and go over a few podcast tips for DTC brands looking to break into or expand their reach in the world of podcasting. Additionally, we’ll share a couple of examples of Recharge merchants who have found success with their podcasts.

Key takeaways

  • A podcast can help your ecommerce brand expand your reach and drive brand awareness.
  • Podcasts are a great opportunity to collaborate and share your brand within your industry, thanks to guest interviews.
  • By diversifying your content channels and expanding into podcasts, your brand can grow your brand community and offer an expanded customer experience.

What makes an impactful podcast?

For ecommerce brands, the most valuable impact of a podcast is to drive brand awareness and trust. By offering this additional content channel, you can position yourself as a thought leader within your industry—which will attract new customers and help you build trust with existing ones.

A podcast is also a great way to collaborate with relevant guests in your industry or even other brands, and can help you grow your audience organically. It will create a real voice for your brand, so it’s crucial to choose your host wisely and ensure the topics you’re covering are interesting and relevant to your audience. Use the podcast to inform, educate, and entertain customers and you’ll quickly grow in popularity. 

In terms of podcast platforms, Apple Podcasts and Spotify remain steady at the top. One in four podcast listeners use Spotify, and one in five use Apple Podcasts. So, if you want to capture the most listeners, it’d be wise to utilize one or both of those platforms.

Who is the typical audience for podcasts?

Before investing in a new content channel, it’s important to make sure the typical audience of that platform consists of those in your brand’s target demographics and audience. Let’s take a look at some statistics about podcast listeners to get a better idea of who is typically tuning in:

  • 62% of US 12+ year-olds have ever listened to a podcast, accounting for around 177 million people
  • More than half of those listeners tune in to a podcast each month, which is 38% of the population 
  • 43% of those ages 35–54 are now monthly listeners, while ages 12–34 are at 50% podcast listenership
  • Of all podcast listeners, 47% are aged 12–34 years, while 33% are 35–54 and the remaining 20% are aged 55+ years

As you can see, podcasts are appealing to close to every age group, making them a great content channel for most brands. With the number of podcast listeners steadily rising, it’s important to consider if a podcast would be the right channel to expand your brand’s reach and share information with your audience. 

Our top podcast tips for DTC brands

For ecommerce brands who decide that a podcast would be a great addition to their content strategy, we’ve compiled a list of tips, followed by Recharge merchants with successful pods.

Publish on a regular cadence

To gain traction and meet the expectations of loyal listeners, you should plan to publish your podcast on a regular basis. Depending on your resources, this could be weekly, bi-monthly, or even monthly. Either way, create a schedule that your team can stick to and that satisfies your listeners’ needs. 

Bring in guests & experts in your industry

One of the best ways to expand your reach with your brand’s podcast is to host guests. These could be experts in your industry, influencers who use your products, or even members of your team who have valuable information and anecdotes to share. 

When you collaborate, your guest’s audience becomes your audience, thanks to cross-promoting. This is one way you can grow your number of listeners, and it will give you the perfect opportunity to win new customers and build brand trust. Make sure you create a promotion plan after the episode is live, to share the episode with your audience and theirs. 

The Primal Kitchen podcast episodes show guests that have been interviewed
The Primal Kitchen podcast is full of episodes with guests who have relevant information to share with the Primal Kitchen community. 

Consider how & where customers are listening 

Many people multitask while they listen to podcasts, which is something brands should keep in mind if they want people to enjoy and continue listening to their pod. Consider topics that are digestible and lean toward creating casual conversation, so it feels like the audience is listening to a friend talk to them.

Solicit topic ideas from customers

Research what customers are interested in and deliver on those topics. Through customer surveys, popular content on other channels, and soliciting customer feedback on social media, you can get a good idea of what customers are looking for when it comes to information and topics. Many of these could translate into popular podcast episodes for your brand. 

Recharge merchants with popular podcasts 

Finally, let’s take a look at two Recharge merchants who have used their podcasts to extend their brand community and share valuable information with their customers. 

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen makes condiments and sauces with high-quality ingredients that make meals easy and delicious. Their podcast covers topics that are interesting to loyal followers of their brand, those who are looking for the best ingredients for themselves and their families and want to cook healthy meals. The podcast topics include:

  • Sustainability
  • Health and wellness
  • Inspirational people
  • Parents

By covering a wide variety of topics, often with knowledgeable and interesting guests, Primal Kitchen has created a thriving podcast that customers are excited to listen to and follow.

The Primal Kitchen podcast webpage
The Primal Kitchen podcast is directly linked on their website, giving customers easy access to browse their episodes and start listening.

The Wordy Traveler

Another great example of a Recharge merchant utilizing their podcast as an extension of their brand is The Wordy Traveler. The majority of their podcasts consist of interviews with travelers that stretch across continents, industries, and expertise. As a travel-themed subscription book club, The Wordy Traveler has created a thriving community of travelers and their podcast is an important part of that. 

The Wordy Traveler podcast about information
The Wordy Traveler created a podcast that’s an extension of their brand—focusing on topics that are relevant and appealing to their travel-loving customers.

Grow your podcast following & increase brand awareness

A podcast offers DTC brands the opportunity to share important news and information with customers, while also educating and entertaining them. By posting regularly, inviting relevant guests to be interviewed, and covering topics important to your audience, your podcast will become another valuable content source that will enhance your customer experience for the better.