Learn about building customer trust with Simply Nutrients.

Being in the Health & Wellness vertical requires merchants to gain customer trust unlike any other vertical. The products we trust to put in our bodies must come with reliable and credible information—and often it’s hard for consumers to distinguish what is the right choice for their specific needs. 

In season four of our Hit Subscribe podcast, we chatted with the Co-Founder and CEO of Simply Nutrients, Chris Bowman, about how they navigated the pandemic and the changes in the health and wellness industry that were brought about during that challenging time. Simply Nutrients is a doctor-owned provider of nutritional and wellness products, with a mission of changing the world by nourishing families.

From our conversation with Chris, we learned all about how Simply Nutrients is winning customer trust and thinking outside the box when it comes to connecting with their customers. 

Simply Nutrients simplifies the shopping experience for customers by grouping their products by these common categories. 

Key takeaways

  • Merchants in the Health & Wellness vertical need to focus on building customer trust through reliable and credible information.
  • Simply Nutrients is creating new ways to connect with their customers and help them address specific health needs.

The power of knowing your target demographic

Any time we talk about connecting with customers, we first have to talk about who those customers are. That’s where your brand’s target demographic comes in. Even if you’re in the same space as another merchant, you might not have exactly the same audience or target customer base. Identifying who these people are is the first step to creating content that will reach them where they are, and convert them into customers. 

“How do we focus enough and go deep enough in a niche so that…we capture you and have everything you need to take you on that journey?”

–Chris Bowman, Co-Founder and CEO, Simply Nutrients

Finding that niche is the key to successfully communicating with your customers and turning those natural touchpoints into revenue-building opportunities. When you know your target demographic well, you can:

  • Target specific channels, like social media or online communities
  • Craft your language based on what your audience responds well to
  • Offer promotions and deals that correspond to what your customers expect
  • Tailor loyalty and membership programs to your audience 

Finding the right opportunities to connect with customers

For Simply Nutrients—and others in the health and wellness industry—social media may not be the first choice for sharing information. Chris shared that Simply Nutrients uses platforms like Instagram to share basic knowledge and make customers aware of resources they might find helpful. They share a lot more on YouTube but take the same approach: informing customers without acting as their doctor. 

So Simply Nutrients has taken the route of informing customers, and helping them along the way in their health journey. When medical questions are asked, they direct consumers to speak with medical professionals. 

Thinking outside the box

Going beyond traditional methods of communication, Simply Nutrients has been developing a new place where they can connect with potential and existing customers. This app or interface will help customers find the information they need, completely tailored to their personal experience and issues.  

Simply Nutrients really cares about helping people—and providing this kind of platform could transform the way people find information. 

Chris walked us through an example of parents trying to find out more about their children’s health. Say you can input your kid’s age into the app and find common things you might be dealing with at that age. You can crowdsource knowledge from other parents, and find videos with helpful information. How transformative could that be, for anyone looking to know more about their health?

“There’s so much information. How do we keep it simple?”

–Chris Bowman, Co-Founder and CEO, Simply Nutrients

Once their interface is live, Simply Nutrients hopes to share it with targeted groups—like mom groups on Facebook or other online communities where people are already crowdsourcing information. Instead of trying to make a sale, they plan to share resources to help everyone live a better life. 

How health & wellness brands can build trust

Simply Nutrients began posting lab results online, from independent labs, to boost their credibility. Making efforts like this one have helped them build trust with customers. They also work with a lot of doctors and medical professionals, who review blog posts and other information they share publicly. Bringing trusted voices to the mix is a key method for boosting credibility in the health and wellness industry. 

They also share reviews on their website, so shoppers can see how real people use and like the products.  

Sharing reviews publicly on your website is a straightforward way to gain trust among new shoppers and help them decide to try your products.

Learn from Simply Nutrients

Other brands in the health and wellness space can learn from what Simply Nutrients is doing—breaking down information into digestible pieces for consumers and sharing it through specific targeted channels. By connecting in meaningful ways with your target audience, you’ll create a strong customer base full of loyal, satisfied customers. 

Check out the full interview with Chris, as well as conversations with other industry experts, on our Hit Subscribe podcast.