Flows by Recharge

Increase LTV by quickly testing and iterating on the tactics that maximize your revenue

*Included with Pro and Custom subscription plans

Flow chart illustrating the path a user must take to qualify for a free gift

Create personalized customer journeys that drive LTV

Unique, tailored experiences

Launch targeted, personalized customer journey enhancements to increase LTV.

Advanced data & analytics

Effortlessly optimize every touchpoint with advanced data and analytics, including conditions, logic, and A/B testing.

No-code implementation

Quickly launch powerful, no-code Flows that are proven to drive LTV while reducing your need for development resources.

Tactic-based templates to increase LTV

Increase retention and growth with our templates drawing on insights from over 20,000 merchants, or create your own custom Flows.

Surprise & delight your customers

A/B test personalized, proactive incentives that help you retain and grow your subscribers.

Offer targeted upsells

Target cohorts of your customer base with upsell offers to help you increase LTV.

Mitigate active churn

Launch targeted active churn reduction strategies to retain customers and present targeted cancellations and winback strategies.

Prevent passive churn

Set up customized dunning and failed payment recovery sequences to prevent passive churn.

Automate your optimization efforts

Create a Flow just like that

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, boost efficiency, and improve loyalty in just a few simple steps. Create unique experiences specifically tailored to your customer cohorts. Target specific steps in the customer journey and improve your overall customer experience.

Optimize every touchpoint with advanced data & analytics 

Wondering if offering store credit or a free gift is more effective at reducing your churn? Quickly deploy A/B tests to see what moves the needle, helping you optimize every touchpoint in the shopper journey.

Surprise, delight, and learn along the way

Explore the diagram below to see the progression of our Surprise and Delight Flow in action, from the initial A/B test to actionable results.


Set a trigger to determine endless conditions for your surprise and delight efforts.

A/B test

Select the breakdown of your customers who will receive each offer.


Segment A will receive the offer, while Segment B will act as the control group.

Gift offer

Select the incentive you'd like your test group to receive.


Communicate to recipients about their special offer to close the loop.

Branch metric

Gain actionable insights about how your test performed.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before you get started? We’re here to help.

Who can use Flows?

Flows is available to merchants on the Pro and Custom subscription plans.

What can I do with Flows?

With powerful, no-code implementation, use Flows to execute impactful marketing strategies and tactics without the need for development resources. Our templates allow you to easily set up A/B tests for key scenarios to quickly test, iterate, and optimize your approach.

How can I enable Flows for my store?

We are continuously releasing Flows to additional cohorts of stores. While waiting for access, you can still get started immediately with Subscriptions.

Where can I learn more about Flows?

To learn more about Flows, check out our support documentation.