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Scaling your brand with agency collaboration (Praella & Plate Crate)

Josh Band, Plate Crate & Amer Grozdanic, Praella

What's in this episode?

On this episode we talk with Josh Band, founder and CEO of Plate Crate and Amer Grozdanic, co-founder and CEO of Praella. We talk about the relationship between merchant and agency and what each brings to the table.

Josh gives us incredible insight into how his business runs and where he leverages Amer’s expertise to help him grow. With an emphasis on customer experience, the tandem works together to constantly optimize the customer journey from their industry leading referral program to communication post-purchase, and repeating the process for their subscription customers.

Amer then gives us his biggest bets for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. Because he’s been in the agency world so long, his predictions just might be worth paying attention to.

Connect with Josh on LinkedIn. Check out Praella and Plate Crate.

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