Jimmy Joy is a plant-based nutritionally complete meal brand based in Europe, that offers a range of convenient and healthy options such as shakes, bars, and drinks. Their mission is to provide sustainable and affordable meals that are both convenient and healthy, allowing their customers to save time and money.

The brand has garnered a loyal following of over 150,000 individuals across 88 countries, who have collectively ordered more than 30 million sustainable meals from Jimmy Joy.

“[It] was a super nice experience. [Such a] quick turnaround and quick answers. They even helped us with some customer CSS because they were still in development mode, and I could ask my developers but that would distract them from the work. So it was really nice to work with [the product team].”

Headshot of Otto Mouton, Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Joy

Otto Mouton

Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Joy


In 2018, Jimmy Joy decided to move away from bulk discounts and migrate to a subscription model to better suit their product. They chose to replatform to Shopify from their previous ecommerce platform and implemented Recharge at the same time, a subscription solution that allowed for more customization.

As the business grew, they faced challenges with a misalignment in what could be offered in the customer portal option they were utilizing at the time. They needed a customer portal that could allow customers to manage and modify their individual line items in one go.

Jimmy Joy decreased churn by 7% and increased AOV by 8% with the Affinity Portal

A table with a bag of Jimmy Joy Plenny Pot next to a bowl of Plenny Pot and assorted vegetables


Jimmy Joy sought out a solution that would provide more features and customization options to better manage their orders for their customers. In 2018, the brand replatformed to Shopify and implemented Recharge, which had a larger market share and allowed for more customization compared to other subscription solutions available at the time.

They were then brought into the Affinity testing pool, a new customer portal option that offered easy management and customization of orders, resulting in a positive impact on customer satisfaction and decreased churn.

The brand implemented Affinity in their three stores, rolling it out gradually and asking for customer feedback before fully implementing it on their largest store with the help of the product team.

Customers are now able to see and manage their subscriptions in a mobile-optimized view that emphasizes the order, and can make changes in a bulk action on multiple line items in their upcoming order. This new portal was well-received by customers, resulting in decreased pressure on the Customer Care team.

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


Since implementing Affinity, the brand has seen a decrease in churn and an increase in customer satisfaction. The ease of use of the portal has resulted in fewer complaints, and even compliments from customers. The brand is now exploring ways to leverage the portal to increase LTV, including cross-sells, upsells, and better cancellation flows. The brand has also integrated with our tech partners ARPU for retention through upcoming order emails, and Smile.io for loyalty, which work seamlessly with Recharge.

By migrating to a subscription model and implementing Recharge and Affinity, Jimmy Joy was able to optimize their subscription model, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and decreased churn. They found that their customers’ subscription experience went from a 4.8 on their previous customer portal to a 7.6 out of 10 on Affinity. The brand's experience highlights the importance of finding a customizable and robust subscription solution that can cater to the needs of a growing business.

“I think the overall improvement has been really good. And I think for a portal perspective, it's near perfect. And I think it's now time to look at…How can we leverage the portal to not only manage the subscription but also increase customer lifetime value?”

Headshot of Otto Mouton, Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Joy

Otto Mouton

Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Joy