Bird&Be is a Canadian-based consumer health company that optimizes fertility outcomes with at-home solutions. They launched in 2021 with an aim to ease the path to parenthood and bring these products directly into the home—a key value for their brand’s overarching vision of accessibility to fertility products.

Bird&Be migrates to Shopify’s Checkout Integration to tackle multiple currencies

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Bird&Be implemented subscriptions from the very beginning as a result of the nature of a typical fertility journey (preconception, pregnancy, postpartum). Having quality supplements on a regular, effort-free cadence was critical in reducing the energy it already takes couples to conceive. And, from a business standpoint, they knew that subscriptions were critical for healthy retention.

“There's enough confusion during the fertility journey already, we don’t want to add any additional burden onto our customers. That includes the confusion that comes with looking at a credit card statement and seeing a currency conversion fee.”

Headshot of Shannon Gallagher, Co-Founder & GM, Bird&Be

Shannon Gallagher

Co-Founder & GM, Bird&Be


With subscriptions being so critical to their business model, having an easy and seamless user experience was essential.

On their previous platform, there wasn’t a way to swap between products when their customers joyfully ended up getting pregnant and needed to subscribe to different items. Thus, anytime they received an email from customers about transitioning onto the next stage in their fertility journey, customers would need to cancel and check out again between product offerings—resulting in increased churn and a poor user experience.

The customer portal was also difficult to use and caused a significant amount of customer support debt, with shoppers just trying to manage their subscriptions and existing orders. And, as a Canadian company that shipped their products to both Canada and the United States, they needed a way to offer products in their customers’ local currency and through predictable monthly payments. With fertility products there is a lot of confusion already, so Bird&Be wanted to find a way to reduce friction for the customer. Overall, they were looking for a way to streamline and automate processes to cultivate a positive and carefree customer experience through every stage of fertility.

Bird&Be migrates to Shopify’s Checkout Integration to tackle multiple currencies

A screenshot of the Bird&Be website showing the ease with which users are able to manage their subscriptions


Since the recommended products change depending on the customer’s stage of the fertility journey, the main challenge they needed a solution for was easy product swapping and subscription management.

With Recharge, they were able to streamline the product swapping process so that customers no longer needed to cancel and re-subscribe, and instead were able to do so directly in their customer portal. They were also able to opt into Recharge’s latest multicurrency feature that allowed them to offer their products to customers in their local currency and remove that barrier to acquisition and retention.

Bird&Be needed a solution that could scale with them as they expanded their product offerings and sought to offer an excellent customer experience. They chose Recharge for two main reasons: our multicurrency feature and the responsiveness and support of the Recharge team.

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


The migration to Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration was smooth and Bird&Be felt supported by our implementation team, who worked closely with them in the data validation and transfer process. They successfully migrated all of their multi-currency customers over to Recharge and are now able to leverage Shopify Markets in tandem.

They’re also able to charge their customers in their local currency using Shopify’s Markets, while having confidence that Recharge’s product remains up-to-date with Shopify’s releases.

They also leverage Recharge’s Enhanced Analytics suite to pull retroactive data on key metrics like churn, making it easily accessible for their reporting requirements. Plus, with Recharge’s multi-currency feature, they can quickly separate data between currencies in their data exports.

Furthermore, with Recharge’s customer portal, their customers are able to manage their subscriptions with ease, significantly reducing the number of support tickets related to order modifications like product swapping and changing renewal dates. And with the built-in functionality to add one-time products via the customer portal, they are now able to offer one-off products like ovulation and pregnancy tests, which have a higher barrier to direct subscriptions.

Bird&Be is only continuing to grow and increase accessibility to the fertility industry—and with Recharge, they now feel confident in being able to grow their subscription program, too.

“We’re on a big growth trajectory and that is one of the main reasons why I picked Recharge. We outgrew MiniBC a long time ago and needed a platform that we could grow into really well.”

Headshot of Shannon Gallagher, Co-Founder & GM, Bird&Be

Shannon Gallagher

Co-Founder & GM, Bird&Be