Before we close out an exciting year, it’s time to recap another quarter full of new functionalities and enhancements. Our goal is always to provide merchants and partners with critical marketing tools to boost subscriber acquisition and average order value (AOV) while reducing churn.  

We go through all these updates in the latest Q4 edition of our “What’s new with Recharge” webinar. If you missed it, you can view it on demand now, or catch up on the latest news by reviewing the highlights from the webinar below. 

The main takeaways

Acquire customers & brand ambassadors by gifting subscriptions 

Create holiday campaigns that encourage your subscribers to gift their favorite subscriptions to friends and family, just in time for the holidays. This not only spreads joy but also provides an opportunity to turn new customers into lifelong subscribers.

Grow AOV with no-code cross-selling

Excite your existing subscribers with a seamless way to select add-on products. Additionally, offer a discount on personalized product recommendations directly within their customer portal using the Affinity portal

Understand & combat churn with automated tools 

This year, we’ve created more ways for you to understand your customer and product performance. For example, isolate churn behavior with product filters, order trends, and more. Empowered with this information, reduce churn by up to 12% with personalized cancellation offers or A/B test with surprise and delight offers to reduce cancellation attempts altogether.

Get involved & stay in the know with Recharge’s Product Roadmap 

Our product team isn’t slowing down, and you can help us build the features you need by joining Early Adopter programs. You can also see everything we’ve launched this year on the Recharge Product Roadmap.  

Acquire customers & brand ambassadors by gifting subscriptions

With Gift Subscriptions, your customers can gift their favorite subscription product easily using our industry-first approach. 

  • Send a gift with just an email. Recipients can enter their address during redemption.
  • Include a personalized note and schedule your gift in advance.
  • Redeem gift subscription without requiring payment information. 
  • Manage a gift subscription without ever contacting the gift sender.

This feature is available at no additional cost to all merchants on the Pro plan or higher. 

Grow your AOV with no-code cross-selling 

At the start of this year, we released the Affinity customer portal that enabled you to seamlessly integrate your website with the customer portal without the need for coding. As we continue to build on that unified experience, the Affinity customer portal now supports the ability to cross-sell products and even set up personalized discount product offers. 

  • Cross-sell with a couple of clicks: Your subscribers can add additional products to an upcoming order at any point in time. This feature is available to all merchants using the Affinity customer portal. 
  • Use Flows to offer a discount on a personalized product recommendation: Create custom notifications using Flows to target specific customers based on existing subscriptions. This feature is available to merchants on the Pro plan or higher.

Understand & combat churn with automated tools

Retention or churn prevention is a major focus area for a lot of merchants this year. Recharge has invested heavily in tools that allow you to identify the source of your churn, and then configure tools that will automatically target specific customer behavior. 

  • Revamped analytics dashboard: This year, Recharge introduced a new view into product and customer data with a revamped analytics dashboard. You can now analyze your data to quickly isolate churn behavior by filtering churn data by product and then analyze the retention by cohort. Within that analysis, you can also visually identify noticeable trends in churn within seconds. 
  • A/B test with surprise and delight: Once the churn trend is identified, your marketing team can quickly set up A/B tests to see what incentives prevent a customer from even considering a cancellation, while maximizing revenue. Your team can utilize our Klaviyo integration to ensure that customers are made aware of their incentives. 
  • Personalized cancellation offer: For customers who try to cancel anyway, you can now reduce churn by up to 12% by creating custom strategies for each cancellation reason, including the ability to provide personalized offers. For example, offer higher discounts for customers with higher customer lifetime value (LTV).  

Get involved

Throughout this year, we’ve pushed the boundaries of subscriptions by expanding our core foundation without compromising innovation. This includes building a JS SDK, offering multi-currency support, a no-code customer portal, personalized Flows, and so much more. Our goal, as always, is to allow you to differentiate your brand in the market and grow revenue.

To explore all of these offerings in more detail and stay up-to-date on our R&D initiatives, visit our Recharge Product Roadmap. Here, you can review everything we’ve launched and join our Early Adopter programs to get early access to new launches before they are generally available. 

Watch the full recording of the webinar on-demand to hear directly from our team and learn about new opportunities to acquire subscribers, grow AOV, and reduce churn.


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